White Papers

New! - The ARRA Stimulus Plan in Action:

Case Studies from the Health Technology Sector

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is expected to create 100,000 new jobs in health IT. In this whitepaper, we take an in-depth look at job creation, EHR adoption, higher education expansion and disruptive innovation as a result of the ARRA $19 billion investment in health information technology. These are statistics and case studies from researchers at Practice Fusion that demonstrate how ARRA and the HITECH Act have created a fundamental revolution in the medical community. Download PDF

Electronic Medical Record Datasheet

Here is a one page summary of the features and functionality of Practice Fusion Electronic Medical Record. Download PDF

Practicing Without Paper Charts: One Practice's Experience

Understand EMR implementation from the eyes of a small practice. Learn about the migration, installation, workflows and benefits of going Electronic. Download PDF

Leveraging the Power of Clinical Data

This whitepaper explores how Practice Fusion is able to present the appropriate kind of data that is needed by key stakeholders, including practitioners, groups (Payors, MCOs, RHIOs and Hospitals) and regulatory interests. Download PDF

Creating an IT Budget for EMR Adoption

Dr. Robert Rowley, Practice Fusion's Chief Medical Officer, takes a pragmatic look at the costs and considerations for implementing Electronic Medical Records into your practice. Download PDF


This whitepaper details Practice Fusion's data and system security, along with its superiority to traditional enterprise and federated models. Download PDF

"Freeconomics" in Health Care

Writer of the Blog, 'Healthcare Epistemocrat', Brent Pottenger discusses Practice Fusion & the future of free, Web-based health IT systems. Download PDF