Network Setup

A computer network is a system for communication among two or more computers, servers and other devices like printers, scanners, and faxes. The most common type of network setup is called Local Area Network (LAN). This implementation is mostly used in covering small local areas, like homes, office, or small group of buildings such as a college campus or group of offices located next to each other.

Our highly skilled and certified IT consultants are available for network installation and support for small offices as little as two or three computers or mid-size organizations that utilize number of workstations and other devices. We evaluate the space and make a recommendation on what kind of infrastructure is necessary to make the network function most effectively. With the advances of technology every day, new products are available on the market that can significantly change the cost of implementation. We will recommend the most cost effective solution and compare it to the alternatives providing benefits and drawback of each. Through its wholesale partnerships INVAR Medical Technologies can aid with the purchasing of the hardware if needed.

We will then install the chosen solution, wireless or using cables, together with the routers, switches, and servers as needed. Our certified technicians will fine-tune all the hardware to give the customer a fully working network.

We provide full technical support regarding any issues that may arise after we leave the job site. We can monitor and even correct issues remotely. Our remote capabilities work immediately and do not require any special configurations to your systems.