EMR / EHR Implementation

INVAR has been implementing various technology systems in the medical field for over 5 years and have retained nearly 100% of our cliental with 99% satisfaction. Our dedicated account managers and certified engineers all work together to implement solutions the right way, exceeding customer satisfaction. 

Once the technology system has been selected, we develop a process driven step by step approach for implementation. With a well structured implementation plan, the process is more likely to go smoothly with minimum disruption to a practice. All our processes are developed in full compliance with HIPPA regulations and executed effectively and efficiently. 

Implementation plans are devised based on each individual practice's needs and requirements. We work around your practice schedule to implement the technology quickly with minimum down time. 

Basic Implementation Plan

Step 1: Operational Analysis
  • Study practice workflow
  • Assess staff roles and responsibilities
  • Patient volume breakdown for Medicare/Medicaid
Step 2: Gap Analysis
  • Review of existing computer hardware and networking equipment
  • Analysis of required hardware (ie: desktops, tablet PCs and other equipment)
  • Hardware proposal and procurement
Step 3: Create a project plan
  • Assign a dedicated project manager and engineer from INVAR Medical Technologies
  • Develop a mile stone based implementation project timeline
Step 4: IT Setup
  • Setup and configure new hardware
  • Establish secure internal network
  • Optimize exiting systems
  • Setup and configure fail-over internet connection
  • Install remote-access on all systems
Step 5: EMR Setup
  • User roles, permissions, payers and facility identifiers
  • Demographics migration
  • Review 20 – 30 charts to analyze common charting terms and phrases
  • Customize templates for each provider
  • Integrate laboratories and setup ePrescribing
  • Prepare documented procedures (importing charts and documents, generating super-bills, efaxing, and quick access support)
Step 6: Training
  • Peer-to-Peer training sessions for EMR
  • 2.5 hour sessions
  • Up to 5 peers per group
  • Sessions scheduled after office hours
  • Practice-wide meaningful use training
Step 7: Soft-Go-Live and Support
  • Import charts the day before visit
  • Doctor sees patient with computer and chart for first week
  • Minor system modifications
  • Quick access to INVAR support (8am-8pm)
  • Dedicated on-site, remote, e-mail and phone support during 1st month