How can this EHR be free?
This EHR is an ad-supported application. Advertisements are viewed throughout the navigation. These advertisements are non-intrusive, completely private, and never in the form of pop-ups. At any time the ads can be switched off by activating an ad-free version for $100/month per practitioner.
Is this EHR completely free?
This EHR system itself, is 100% free. There are no hidden charges, software costs or licensing fees. However to implement an EHR Successfully in 2 or more Physician Practice; help of a Practice Fusion Certified Consultant is highly recommended. Your practice always retains ownership of its data and you can export it at anytime. Certified Consultants are able to provide practices the following services: customizing templates, adding additional computers or hardware, the ad-free version, integrated billing, connectivity, networking, and comprehensive onsite training.
Why is this EHR web-based?
This EHR application and data are hosted from a secure, co-located data center. Therefore, the practice does not have to invest in any hardware beyond basic desktop computers. From an Internet browser window, this EHR runs exactly as if the entire system were located within the office. No need to worry about installing software, managing updates, or maintaining hardware.
Since this is a web-based application, and the practice data is hosted in ‘the cloud’, is there a way that the data could be regularly backed-up to a local server for added comfort?
Yes, it is possible to have the practice data scheduled for regular export, or back up, onto a separate server on a regular basis. 
What is required for ePrescribing?
The ePrescribing application requires a credential verification process. Providers should have their DEA and NPI numbers ready when signing up. Most accounts can be enabled the same day.
Can the scheduler be used to schedule appointments with non-patients? Can reports from past patients be pulled and used for annual communications? 
The scheduler currently is only able to schedule appointments for patients. However, adding non-patient related appointments to the scheduler is actively being addressed, and will be an available function soon.
Does the EHR work with the Tablet PC or the iPad?
The Tablet PC does work with the EHR. However, because the EHR is Flash-based, it currently is not compatible with the iPad. 
Is the EHR HIPAA compliant?
This EHR meets or exceeds all HIPAA requirements. Data is stored in an encrypted database and all data transfers are made with bank-level encryption. We monitor all of the federal and state regulations to ensure that your practice is always HIPAA compliant with our EHR.
Can I control who has access within the EHR?
Access to data within the EHR is controlled by well-defined user roles and access levels, the enforcement of strong login passwords, stringent user authentication, and user inactivity locks. Physicians, nurses, and administrators each have specific permissions for accessing data (e- prescribing and signing of charts). In addition, there is total separation of data belonging to each practice for absolute privacy and confidentiality.
How secure is my practice data?
The medical records and patient demographics are hosted by world-class data centers equipped with sophisticated technology which securely houses the data. The sites feature armed guards, biometric security, data back-ups, redundant power supplies, and fire deterrent systems. In addition, all data transfers between your organization and the EHR are encrypted and protected from malicious parties.
Does this EHR integrate with any hospitals (can a doctor working in the hospital have his patients records available to him in his Practice Fusion account?)
The EHR is not currently linked into any major hospital systems. However, many practitioners generate a chart in the EHR and print it for the hospital, or generate it on a hospital system and upload the result into the EHR.  
Can the EHR be used for other specialties, aside from General Practitioners, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Cardiologists?
The answer to this question centers around interoperability (does the specialty require specialized equipment to be integrated with the EHR) and available SOAP note templates. Aside from GP, IM, Cardiologists, and FP, the EHR currently also has a comprehensive list of SOAP note templates for OB/GYNs available; GYNAnnualExam, Prenatal-followup, Prenatal-new, and GYNexam_ACOG.


Can this EHR generate a Superbill?
Yes. This EHR solution allows you to securely email Superbills to your existing internal or external biller. You can also print and fax Superbills.
Can the practice check insurance eligibility with the EHR?
Currently, insurance eligibility checks can be performed only through integrated billing solutions. A pre-integrated e-Billing application and billing solution providers are listed in ‘Recommended Vendor’ section located below. 
Does this EHR offer an e-billing service? What is the cost?
See ‘Recommended Vendor’ section located below for a list of e-billing and billing service providers.
Does this EHR offer a billing service solution? What is the cost?
The practice may work with any billing service. However, there is a recommended provider which works with the pre-integrated e-billing solution, offering transparent pricing at a fixed percentage of receipts, not a percentage of billing, as many billing service providers charge. The EHR is pre-integrated with an e-billing application. This billing provider can be found listed in ‘Recommended Vendor’ section located below.
Can a practice interface this EHR to its existing biller or billing system?
Yes, a practice could use Superbill, a free system to communicate with the billing service. Alternatively, the practice could build a bridge to the current billing system. For a list of service providers see ‘Recommended Vendor’ section located below.


Is this EHR certified?
Currently, there is not an EHR which is HHS certified, the certification which is assures compliance with meaningful use. The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) has published its proposed Certification criteria, but has not yet carried out the process of identifying organizations that can carry out HHS certification. Currently, there are no certification bodies that have been appointed. That process is underway and should be made public in early summer 2010.
What is HHS Certification?
HHS Certification of an EHR product simply means that a physician using such a system, and using it in a “meaningful” way, is eligible to receive the incentive payments from Medicare. HHS Certification is obtained by the EHR vendor, not the practice. Meaningful Use is something that an individual physician demonstrates in order to quality for Medicare bonus moneys. For the first year of eligibility for stimulus funds (2011), physicians will most likely be reporting their Meaningful Use by “attestation” – submitting declarations of compliance (subject to audit).