Ease of Use

Easy & intuitive EMR System
Skip implementation downtime and extensive learning curves with Practice Fusion’s easy-to-use Electronic Health Record. Each member of your practice can be live on the EHR within a single afternoon and fully up to speed on charting, scheduling and billing within a week.
Designed by doctors
Practice Fusion’s EHR mirrors traditional paper record systems. Our Electronic Health Record includes standard medical history, Dx history and Rx list summary inputs along with SOAP notes, nutritional notes and case review documentation. Our team of physician advisors contributes to each new update and feature of the EHR.
Customize to fit your process
You can modify Practice Fusion’s EHR to match your workflow using easy template creation and customization features. Select a tailored version of the EHR for your medical specialty. Create custom notes, templates and prescriptions and save them to your account.
Free support anytime
Our support team is here to guide you through live training sessions or answer your questions anytime. Practice Fusion offers free, unlimited phone, email and web support.